Acorde de A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth

Letra de A Tout Le Monde

Intro: F#m, A/E, B4, G, A 

(F#m A/E, B4, G, A)

Don't remember where I was

I realized life was a game

The more seriously I took things

The harder the rules became

I had no idea what it'd cost

My life passed before my eyes

I found out how little I accomplished

All my plans denied

F#m, E

So as you read this know my friends

B F#m

I'd love to stay with you all

F#m E

Please smile when you think of me


My body's gone that's all


(F#m E B)

A tout le monde (To all the world)

A tous mes amis (To all my friends)

Je vous aime (I love you)

Je dois partir (I have to leave)

These are the last words

I'll ever speak

(F#m E B) D

And they'll set me free

(F#m A/E, B4, G, A)

If my heart was still alive

I know it would surely break

And my memories left with you

There's nothing more to say

(F#m E B)

Moving on is a simple thing

What it leaves behind is hard

You know the sleeping feel no more pain

And the living are scarred

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