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Letra de Born As Ghosts



|-------------| with whammy bar pushed

|-------------| clockwise.








|-x-7-|------7b*--------x-7--| * 1/4 bend





Solo- Part 1- This is the actual method used by tom morello described

in an interview. Tom has a defected pickup in his custom ibanez here

and can turn that pickup on and off with a knob. He selects the

defected knob and uses a wah wah to give it a rythem, he describes the

sound as termites with teeth and the wah wah gives them chomp. I dont

know if it is possible to put on a broken pickup onto your guitar and


do this, so,if you play along with the record, just play the main riff.

Part 2 of solo- Tom uses a guitar with 2 volume knobs(lots of guitars

have this feature)and turns the neck pickup to zero and the bridge

pickup to 10. By flicking the toggle switch, initially your turning on

and off the guitar. This to is an actual method used by tom, he hits

the low E string while flicking his toggle switch very fast, then he

hits the 17th fret of the D string followed by the 19th on the G

string, then back to the toggle, then the 19th fret on G, then toggle,

then 19th on G, then toggle, then 19th on G followed by 17th on D, then

17th on D followed by 19th on G followed by 17th on D followed by 19th

on G followed by 20 on B.

Drum Roll

Go to Chorus Then come back here

End with







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