Acorde de Breathe - Midge Ure

Letra de Breathe

-Verse 1-

G A- C G

With every weaking breathe I Breath

G A- C D

I see what life has deal to me.

D E- C A-

With every sadness I deny

A- C D G

I feel a chance inside me die

-Verse 2-

G A- C G

Give me a taste of something you

G A- C D

to tatch to hold to poul (?) me true.

D E- C A-

Send me a guide in life at the shine

A- C D G

across this darking life all paint



Breath Some soul in me


Breath Your gift of love to me

G C A-


Breath Life to live for me

A- G

Breath to make me breath

-Other verses-

For every man who built his [or he?] home

The people promise for his own

If i should against an open floor

Of laison feel yours we all know

To those who haven't, who have not

I can you leave with wath you've got

give me a tatch of something sure

I could be happier for more

This life prepares the strangest things

The dream[s] we dream of what like brings

The highest highs can turn around

two soules sit don't [spoul] ground

-Other chorus lyrycs-

Breath your honesty

Breath your innocence to me

Breath the world to set me free

Breath to make me breath

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