Acorde de Bulls On Parade (Live) - Rage Against The Machine

Letra de Bulls On Parade (Live)


Octaves on E



E:---0-----0-----0-| etc.

Verse - These chords repeat all through the verse, sound best played barred.

Em Gm

The microphone explodes, shattering the molds

Em D5

Ya either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha comode

Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop

Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-opt

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons

That five sided fist-a-gon

Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger

Tha triggers cold now empty ya purse

Chorus (Open Chords)

Em G Em G

They rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells x4

2nd Verse and 2nd Chorus - As above


Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes

Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal

I walk tha corner to tha rubble that used to be a library

Linin' to the mind cemetery now

What we don't know keeps tha contracts alive an movin'

They don't gotta burn tha books they just remove 'em

While arms warehouses fill as quick as tha cells

They Rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells!

They Rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells! x4

Bridge (open chords)


Bulls on Parade! x2


In the video he actually does a seriously good acoustic version! Just watch it for

i cant get anything near it so personally I just miss it out. The backing chords are the same

for the verse.


Octaves on E, Bulls on Parade, etc

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

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