Acorde de Cynthia - Bruce Springsteen

Letra de Cynthia

| D C | G | D C | G

D     C                G                    D              C G

Cynthia, when you come walking by you're an inspiring sight

D     C            G                        D             C G

Cynthia, you won't smile or say hi but baby that's alright

 C                     D       C              D   C

'Cause I don't need to hold you or taste your kiss

            G                 D     C  G

I just like knowing, Cynthia, you exist

      D              C G

In a world like this

D     C           G                         D           C G

Cynthia, when you pass it seems like this whole town drops

D     C             G                                       D                   C G

Cynthia, or maybe it's just baby and these fools stuck here punchin'  this clock

 C                 D             C           D    C

Well you give us a reason to stop just for a while

      G         D             C  G

Stop, stand and salute your style 

           D C G

Yeah Cynthia

      C                D           C           D    C

Well now you ain't the finest thing I'll never have

                    G                        D           C G

And when you go the hurt you leave, baby, it ain't so bad

             D      C G

No it ain't Cynthia

                     C                         D             C G

There ain't a man in this whole town who'd say you ain't fine

             C                          D

You hear the guys talkin', tell me baby do you mind

G                C             D             C G

Well you make us happy, honey, when we feel sad

       C                      D

To see something so good in a world gone bad

              D              C G

There's still Cynthia oh yeah

D       C       G                         D                 C G

Cynthia, no one knows your number, no one knows where you live

D          C                G                   D              C G

Cynthia, I wonder do you understand this strange thing you give

C            D            C             D            C

Well baby is it your style, the mystery in your smile

            G                  D            C G

Or just how cool you walk in a world gone wild

       D                C   G

Tell me if you will, Cynthia 

 C              D           C              D  C

Well I gotta be pretty naive to believe in you

                 G                D            C G

I know you ain't ever gonna be my dream come true

                            D         C                   G

That's alright, I got other dreams as good as you, Cynthia

     D                  C               G

Yeah now baby, now this ain't no come-on

          D            C      G             | D C | G | D C | G

Just walk on, Cynthia, walk on  that's right

                    D     C     G

You make me holler, yeah, yeah, alright

       D     C     G

I said yeah, yeah, yeah, alright

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