Acorde de Daily Records - The Who

Letra de Daily Records

||:A    Asus4  A    Asus4:|| 

A (Asus4 A...)

This could be suffering (oh)

This could be pleasure (no)

E (Esus4 E Eadd2 E)

I'm unaware of any difference

My head is aging (oh)

My balls are aching (so)


But I'm not looking for deliverence

This could be letting on (oh oh)

This could be highly cut (but no)

I'm unaware of any difference

One says it can't be done (oh)

Then somebody does it but (so)

I am not looking for equivalents


I just don't quite know how to wear my hair no more


No sooner cut it then they cut it even more


Got to admit that I created private worlds

Bm A Bm A F#m E

But cold sex and booze don't impress my little girls


Daily records (records)


Just want to be making daily records (records)


Try to avoid the bad news in the letters

Bm A Bm F#m

Just wanna be making records

A E/Ab

Play in play out fade in fade out

D/F# E/B

Making records day in day out

Bm E


And they say it's just a stage in life

Bm E

But I know by now the problem is a stage

Bm E

And they say just take your time and it'll go away

Bm E

But I know by now I'll never never change

I could be losing you (oh oh)

I could be coming through (but no)

I'm unaware of any difference

You still support me now (oh)

You love me anyhow (so)

And I am still under your influence


We've had some years of hate (oh no)

And now we're in the eights (oh oh)

I'm unaware of any difference

I need you even more (oh)

My money keeps me poor (so)

I'm still amazed at your omnipotence

I look at baggy suits and leather capped with puke

I look at Richmond married couples denim look

I watch my kids grow up and ridicule the bunch

But when you are 11 the whole world's out to lunch

Daily records (records)

Just wanna keep making daily records (records)

I can't exist no more in chains and fetters

Just wanna keep making records

Play in play out fade in fade out

Making records day in day out


A E/Ab D/F# E/Ab A A

Just wanna be makin' daily records

Letra subida por: Anónimo

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Face Dances , Face Dances (1997)

El acorde de Daily Records de The Who es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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