Acorde de Happy Nation - Ace Of Base

Letra de Happy Nation

(C#m  F#m  G#  G#) 

laudate omnes gentes laudate

magnificat in secula

et anima mea laudate

magnificat in secula

(C#m F#m G# G#)

happy nation living in a happy nation

where the people understand

and dream of the the perfect man

a situation leading to sweet salvation

for the people for the good

for mankind brotherhood

we're travelling in time

(C#m F#m G# G#)


ideas by man and only that will last

and over time we've learned from the past

that no man's fit to rule the world alone

a man will die but not his ideas

happy nation...

we're travelling in time

travelling in time

tell them we've gone too far

tell them we've gone too far

happy nation come through

and i will dance with you

happy nation

happy nation..

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