Acorde de Here I Come - Cocorosie

Letra de Here I Come

   G              Em   

The world rose in the night

And prayed

People kissed, kissed and hugged one last time

Saying what have we done for two thousand years

The end it has begun

G Em

Should I let my mind run

For a scrap of kettle wood

Blind, woolen cat, bad bat breath beside me

Fuzzy face of pear tree

G Em

Ghoulish and cartoony

Surprise me like a monster,

My brother liked to scare me

A rape in the meadow

A fornicating fellow

G Em

A flea on the fur of a shaggy old sheep

All tangled up like winter


Bramble branch of brown tree

Cut the very life of

G Em

Her blood bank that billows

Up from below her

Skirt and sunlit blouses

Kangaroo mommy

G Em

Rapunzel and a tomboy

Fatherless a heart broke

A hankering, a steak knife

A wallowing a child,

A banquet a hollycaust

G Em

A pussy wussy willow,

Marshmallow, a mantra,

A temper tantric tantrum

A full steam ahead and

Watch out here I come

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Grey Oceans , Grey Oceans (Japanese Edition)

El acorde de Here I Come de Cocorosie es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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