Acorde de Hero - Mariah Carey - America A Tribute To Heroes

Intro: E   E/D#   C#m   C#m/B   A   A/G#   F#m

Mmmm - mmmm

There's a (E)hero, if you l(D)ook inside your heart

You don't (C)have to be afraid of what you (B)are

There's an (E)answer, if you r(D)each into your soul

And the (C)sorrow that you know will melt a(Bsus4)way (B)



(E)And then a hero (E/D#)comes a(C#m)long, with the strength to (C#m/B)carry (A)on

And you cast your (A/G#)fears (F#)aside, and you (B)know you can surv(E)ive

So, when you (E/D#)feel like hope is (C#m)gone, look inside you (C#m/B)and be s(A)trong

And you finally (A/G#)see the (F#m)truth, that a (B)hero lies in (E)you



E C#m A

It's a long road, and you face the world alone


No one reaches out a hand for you to hold

You can find love, search within yourself

And the emptiness you bear will disappear


Ooh - ooh

(C)Lord (G/B)knows - things are (D)hard to follow

(C)But don't let (G)anyone take that a(D)way

(C)Hold (G/B)on - there will (D)be tomorrow

(C)In t(G)ime you find the Away


C#m B A

That a (B)hero lies in you

{c:piano - as intro}

Mmm-mmm, that a hero lies in you

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