Acorde de I Can Dig It - Trace Adkins

Letra de I Can Dig It


E You say his memory is a habit that won't let you go I'll help you A kick it

If you're E lookin' for a ride on a real smooth road, I'm your B7 ticket

If you're E holdin' onto seeds you've been wantin' to sow

If you A want to break ground I'll break out the hoe

If you E want a little garden where's the B7 lovin' can grow I can E dig it

If you E want to build a fortified house of love I can A brick it

Name me E somethin' that you want, any task too tough, I can B7 get it, yeah I can get it

If you're E lookin' for a man that can do all that

If you A want your broken heart to be your last


If you E want a big hole to B7 bury your past I can E dig it

If you're D buying what I'm A sellin' just say the {E}word

And I'll F# roll up my sleeves, and B7 baby I'll get to work

If you're E sick and tired of a liar and cheater

If you A want a true love 'til you meet Saint Peter

And E drink from a well where the B7 water's sweeter, I can E dig it, yeah I can dig it

E A E B7 E A

(Repeat last verse)

(the first B7 in each verse can be "walked down" to the following E chord using the individual notes B, Bb, A, G...and into the E chord)

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