Acorde de I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes - Dolly Parton

Letra de I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes


Would be better for us both had we never

G7 C

In this wide wicked world have ever met


For the pain and the pleasures he's brought me

G7 C

I am sure I will never forget



Oh, I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes

G7 C

Who is sailing far over the sea


And I'm thinking tonight of him only

G7 C

And I wonder does he ever think of me


(2nd verse)

Oh, you told me once, dear, that you loved me

And you swore that we never would part

But a link in the chain has been broken

Leaving me with a sad broken heart

(repeat chorus)

Additional verse by original Carter Family version:

(3rd verse)

When the cold, cold grave shall enclose me

Will you come there and shed just a tear

And say to the strangers around you

The poor heart you have broken lies here

(repeat chorus)

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