Acorde de Intuition - John Lennon

Letra de Intuition

Chords used:


G: 320003

Dm: xx0231

B: x04442

Am: x02210

C: x32010

Dm G Dm G Dm G Dm G

Hey hey hey alright hey hey hey alright

Dm G

My intentions are good, I use my intuition


It takes me for a ride

Dm G

But I never understood other people's superstitions


It seemed like suicide

And as I play the game of life

I try to make it better, each and every day

And when I struggle in the night

The magic of the music


Seems to light the way

Dm G Dm G

Ah, intuition takes me there

Dm G C B G

Intuition takes me everywhere

Well, my instincts are fine, I had to learn to use them

In order to survive

And time after time

Confirmed an old suspicion

It's good to be alive

And when I'm deep down and out

And lose communication, with nothing left to say

It's then I realise

It's only a condition

Of seeing things that way

Ah, intuition takes me there

Intuition takes me everywhere

Solo: C B G Dm G Am Dm G Am

Intuition, takes me there (repeat and fade)

Letra subida por: Anónimo

El acorde de Intuition de John Lennon es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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