Acorde de No Feelings - Sex Pistols

Letra de No Feelings

Intro:  F  G  Bb  C  (2x)  F    Bb 



I've seen you in the mirror when the story began

Yea I fell in love with you I love your mortal sin

Bb G

Your brainss are locked away but I love your company


I only ever leave you when you've got no money


I got no emotions for anybody else

You better understand I'm in love with myself

Bb G C

Myself My beautiful self


Bb C Bb C Bb C F Bb F

No feeling No feeling No feeling for anybody else

second verse

Hello and goodbye and a run-around Sue

You follow me around like a pretty pot of glue

I kick you in the head you've got nothing to say


Get outta the way 'cause I gotta get away

You never realize I take the piss out of you

You come out to see me and I beat you black and blue

Okay I send you away


Solo: F G C (4x)

third verse

There ain't no moonlight after midnight

I see you silly people out looking for delight

Well I'm so happy I'm feeling so fine

I'm watching all the rubbish you wasting my time

I look around your house you've got nothing to steal

I kick you in the brains when you get down and kneel

To pray You pray to your god

outro: repeat chorus to end

your daddy's gone away be back another day see his picture hanging on

your wall

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