Acorde de Pamela - Toto

Letra de Pamela


C F/C Am/C G/C F/A Am/D Am/G G7

Em/C Csus4 Em/C G/C F C/E Dm Eaug


Am7 Am7/C Am7/E C/G Abaug


Am7 Am7/C Am7/E C/G Abaug


Am7 Am7/C Am7/E C/G Abaug

Side by side, I'll be yours

Am7 Am7/C Am7/E C/G Abaug


Am7 Am7/C Am7/E C/G Abaug Am7

Rain or shine, any kind of weather

Am7/C Am7/E G Am C/D Dm F

There isn't anything

C/G C/G G G/A Am7

I wouldn't do for you.

Dm7 F C/F C/G G Eaug

Let's take what's getting old and make it new.


Eye to eye it's a blinding confrontation.

You and I we're a deadly combination.

Don't start mixing truth with jealousy

The road we're on is clear as far as I can see.


Am7 F9 F G Gsus4/E Em7

Pamela don't break this heart of mine just

F Dm7 Dm/Bb Bb F/A

Remember it may not heal this time

Gm7 Dm7/F Em7(5-) Eb

Pamela there is no second chance

Bb/D Csus4/G Gm7 Ab Fm Em

For the one who leaves it all be...hind


Black and white always go together

Day and night you're the precious jewel I tresure

Wanting evry part of you is not a crime Well

Could it be that you're the one that's wrong this time?


C G/C F/A Dm7 C/E

Oh.. Pamela thousand of miles away but always in my heart

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