Acorde de Refried Dreams - Tim Mcgraw

Letra de Refried Dreams

Intro: Gb Db Gb Db

Verse 1 :


Last monday morning you left with no warning

B Gb

I started going insane, i headed south out of Dairyo Texas

Ab B - C#

one hell of a load on my brain


i kept on going without even knowing

B Ab

how much your love really means

Gb Db Gb

now i'm messed up in mexico, livin' on refried dreams



I'm down here in mexico as sick as a dog

Gb Db Gb

My head is poundin' in this border - town fog


Down to my last dime,

Gb B - C#


and comin' apart at the seams

Gb Db Gb

I'm messed up in mexico, livin' on refried dreams

Db Gb Db

verse 2 :


This picture ain't pretty, i'm ragged and dirty

B Gb

and wonderin what i'm doin here

shootin tequilla and wantin' to kill ya

Ab B - C#

and wishin to God you were near


so full of your memories but feelin so empty

B Ab

I've run out of my self esteem

Gb Db Gb

now i'm messed up in mexico, livin on refried dreams

Repeat chorus 2x :

outro: Gb Db Gb Db Gb

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Not A Moment Too Soon , Mcgraw: The Ultimate Collection

El acorde de Refried Dreams de Tim Mcgraw es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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