Acorde de Tattoo - The Who

Letra de Tattoo

{intro and verse pattern} 

|Bb5- |Fmaj7 |Cadd9 |Bbadd9/5- |Bbadd9/5- |







Bb5- |Fmaj7

Me and my brother were talking to each other

|Cadd9 BbII |Dadd2 |

About what makes a man a man







|Bb5- |Fmaj7

Was it brain or brawn, the month you were born

|Cadd9 BbII|Dadd2 |D

We just couldn't understand

|D G |D D Dsus4 D

Our old man didn't like our appearance

|D G |Asus4 Ano3

He said that only women wear long hair

|Bb5- |Fmaj7

So me and my brother borrowed money from mother

|Cadd9 |BbII Dadd2

We knew what we had to do

|Bb5- |Fmaj7

We went downstairs, past the barber and gymnasium

|Cadd9 |BbII Dadd2 |D |

And got our arms tattooed


|D D |D Dsus D |

Welcome to my life, tattoo







|D D |D Dsus4 D |

I'm a man now, thanks to you

| % | % |

| D D/C#

I expect I'll regret you

| G6/B A6sus4

But the skin graft man won't get you

|G |A5 |A5 |Bb5- |Fmaj7 |Cadd9 |BbII | |

You'll be there when I die tattoo

{note: A5* played as Asus4 in stage versions}

My dad beat me 'cause mine said mother

But my mother naturally liked it and beat my brother

'Cause his tattoo was of a lady in the nude

And my mother thought that was extremely rude

Welcome to my life, tattoo

We've a long time together, me and you

I expect I'll regret you

But the skin graft man won't get you

You'll be there when I die, tattoo

Now I'm older, I'm tattooed all over

My wife is tattooed, too

A rooty-toot-toot, rooty-tooty-tooty-toot

Rooty-toodle-toodle tattoo too to you

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El acorde de Tattoo de The Who es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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