Acorde de Zero And Blind Terry - Bruce Springsteen

Letra de Zero And Blind Terry

Intro: E

The Skulls met the Pythons
     A                   E
Down at the First Street station
                    C#m          G#m
Alliances have been made in alleyways
    F#m        B
All across the nation
These boys live off the milk of a silver jet
         A                  E
And the love of sweet young women
                    C#m           G#m
Now the Pythons are down from old Englishtown
    F#m                        B
And they're lookin' to do some livin'
Well the leader of the Pythons
     A                  E
Is a kid they just call Zero
                     C#m                 G#m
Now Terry's pop says these kids are some kind of monsters
                F#m                         B
But Terry says "No, pop, they're just plain heroes"
 |  E  |  E  |  A  |  E  |  E C#m  |  G#m  |  F#m  |  B  |

(Sax solo)  |  E  |  E  |  A  |  E  |  E C#m  |  G#m  |  F#m  |  B

A                   E                 B               E
Zero and Terry they found a love that burns like wild fire
            A                          E
Now Terry's daddy understood that this Zero was no good
  B                        A
A child, a thief and a liar
Well from out of the darkness that breaks the dawn
Zero rode like twilight
         C#m                  A
He said "Tonight's the night, Blind Terry, come on"
E              B              A
Terry come on, tonight is the night
                B    E
Pack your bags, baby
    A                      B                           E
And together they ran like reindeers through the street
     A            B                           E
Like tomorrow the earth was gonna catch up on fire
            A                               B   E                         A
Now Terry's dad hired some troopers to kill Zero and bring Terry back home
                            B  E
They crawled up in the night
     A        B  E
Like firelight
E  |  A  |  B  |  E  |  E  |  A  |  B  |  E  |  E  |  A  |  B  |  A  |  B
Now snow-white troopers from the council of crime
            A                     E
Rode silver foxes through Terry's field
                C#m             G#m    
Oh they met the Pythons down on Route 9
F#m                 B
But they refused to yield
The Pythons fought with buzz guns
        A                         E
And the troopers with swords like light
             C#m        G#m
And Zero and Terry they ran away
       F#m                         B
As the gang fought all through the night
(Sax solo)  |  E  |  E  |  A  |  E  |  E C#m  |  G#m  |  F#m  |  B  |  E
Well now some folks say Zero and Terry got away
       A                                 E
Others said they were caught and brought back
                     C#m              G#m
But still them young pilgrims to this day
           F#m                           B
Go to that spot way down by the railroad track
          E                       A
Where the Troopers met the Pythons
    E                   A
Old timers cry on a hot August night
       E                        A
If you look hard enough, if you try
             E                 A
You'll catch Zero and Terry and all the Pythons
        E                         A
Oh just hiking the streets of the sky
              E                         A
Just walkin', hiking the streets of the sky
     E                         A
Just hiking the streets of the sky

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