Letra de Bye Bye - Mariah Carey

Letra de canción de Bye Bye de Mariah Carey lyrics

(bye bye)
Everyday you call and wear me out
With nonsense
All you wanna do is blab about
Your problems
I be making bad excuses up like
Ooh, I gotta hang up now
Cause the house is burning down
But you never hear them anyway
Cause you don't shut up
From the second that I say hello
I'm like ugh! You? Please no
No I can't get in a word edgewise
And you don't notice anyway
You don't care about what I say
So I won't be picking up this time
Bye bye bye
The Waited Too Long Blues

Baby you kept me waiting too long
I said baby somebody sweeter just called
I love you baby but I think you
gotta learn this song
I ain't like all them little chickens
That be waitin' on ya
Oh, if you think that
You did did did wrong

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