Letra de I Heard Love Is Blind / Teo Licks - Amy Winehouse

Letra de canción de I Heard Love Is Blind / Teo Licks de Amy Winehouse lyrics

I couldn't resist him
His eyes were like yours
His hair was exactly the shade of brown
He's just not as tall, but I couldn't tell
It was dark and I was lying down
You are everything, he means nothing to me
I can't even remember his name
Why're you so upset?
Baby, you weren't there and I was thinking of you when
I came
What do you expect?
You left me here alone
I drank so much and needed to touch
Don't overreact, I pretended he was you
You wouldn't want me to be lonely
How can I put it so you understand?
I didn't let him hold my hand
But he looked like you, I guess he looked like you
No he wasn't you
But you can still trust me, this ain't infidelity
It's not cheating, you were on my mind
Yes he looked like you
But I heard love is blind

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