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Letra de canción de In Love Dying de Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics

In love dying
There’s a flawless rain
In love dying
One foot in the astral plane
Someone’s sighing
There’s a virgin road
Waiting to be strode
Rope’s untying
This power I could not withhold
What do we contain
Can’t stop crying
These tears of change
Remain the same
My girl she shoots down
The baddest of guys
She knows that they
Want me dead
She fires up the starry night
And fills them so full
So full of lead
In love dying
Does it go two ways
In love dying
This body I can not detain
Wake up flying
She the solar shores
Passers buying
The memories we readorn
In love dying
Nothing to obtain
In love dying
No crawling thru
The halls of fame
In love dying
Loss becomes the gain
In love dying
Recreate me
So I may sustain

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