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Letra de canción de Kiss And Tell de Selena Gomez & The Scene lyrics

When you walk,
you don´t leave tracks.
When you talk,
they don´t talk back.

Believe in every word you say,
but they don´t know.
I know, I know

everything that I told you.
you just smile & then you.

Kiss & tell everything I said,
stuck inside your little web.
Everybody wants to know, yeah.

Lips that lie,
cover your track,
sold me out & you just laugh.

Say we´re friends until the end, yeah,
but you.

Don´t mean it,
don´t mean it.

You don´t mean it,
you don´t mean it,

I wish that i could take it back.

You want it all but you can´t have that.

People fallin´ at your feet,
but they don´t know.

They don´t,
they don´t know.

You´re gonna figure out real soon.

The dirty deeds will catch up to you.

It´s crumbling beneath your feet,
but you don´t know.

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