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Letra de canción de Pale Morning Star de Insomnium lyrics

Long is the trail of the day
Into the lap of the evening dusk
Sweetest the hour of sleep
For I am weary of sorrow and pain

Into the tender night I now lapse
Into the slumber so sound and deep
Arching over the ravines of time
Bridge into the shrouded land

For you left before me
My pale morning star
Now you walk in undying light
And I'm still chained in this rimed soil

When twilight wreathes my senses
The heavenly ones will linger here

Right here by my feverish side
The ghosts of those I loved
Gone is the cruelest longing now
Undone this grief of mine

And still I can sense you
Still I can hear your voice
Still I quiver under your touch

Celestial shine in your hair
Empyreal crown upon you brow
Radiance blurs my teary eyes

Broken is the sphere of the body
As the spirit will ascend
Over the infinite boundaries
Over the gulches of death

Once you carried me
From the night into the sun
And now I follow your steps
Into the unseen land

Sore are these weary eyes
When I pass into the light
Blinding the eternal glow
After the long path in the dark

Wide awake amidst the dream
I stand by your side
I tremble before your gleam
My pale morning star

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