Letra de PMS Blues - Dolly Parton

Letra de canción de PMS Blues de Dolly Parton lyrics

Eve, you wicked woman
You done put your curse on me
Why didn't you just leave that apple
Hangin' in the tree
You make us hate our husbands
Our lovers and our boss
Why I can't even
Count the good friends
I've already lost
'Cause of PMS blues, PMS blues
I don't even like myself
But it's something I can't help
I got those God almighty
Slap somebody
PMS blues

Most times I'm easy going
Some say I'm good as gold
But when I PMS, I tell ya
I turn mean and cold
Those not afflicted with it
Are affected just the same
You poor ol' men
Just have to grin
And say I feel your pain
PMS Blues
Thats right, Brother. Well, what else are you gonna say
PMS Blues
Lord, Lord
You know you must forgive us
'Cause we care not what we do
I got those can't stop cryin'
Dishes flyin'
PMS Blues

But you know that we can't help it
We don't even know the cause
But as soon as this parts over
Then comes the menopause
Oh, Lord, Lord
I 'm gonna always be a heap of fun
Like the devil taking over my body
Sufferin', sufferin', sufferin'...
Everybody's sufferin'...aw

But a woman had to write this song
A man would be scared to
Lest he be called a chauvinist
Or just fall victim to those
PMS Blues
You know we'd kill for less than that
PMS Blues. Oh,oh...
You don't want to cross my path
'Cause a pit bull ain't no match
For these teeth a-clenchin'
Fluid retention
Head a-swellin'
Can't stop yellin'
Got no patience
I'm so hateful
PMS Blues

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Got those mood's a-swinging
Tears a-slinging
Nothing fits me
When it hits me
Rantin', Ravin'
PMS Blues

Can I get a witness
You women wanna witness
Aw, tell it sister, tell it sister
As only you know how
You men wanna witness
Aw, tell it brother, tell it
'Cause you sure know what I'm talking about. Ha
You little kids, you wanna witness
You wanna talk about that mean ol' devil mama of yours
I said the KIDS. You mamas, stay out of this, you done enough to them kids already
Come on kids, witness, you know you're safe with your friend Dolly
Its the only time in my life I ever think about wishing
I'd've been a man
But you know...that only means one thing
Because if I'd've been a man
I'd be somewhere
Right this very minute
With some ole cranky, naggin', raggin', hateful woman
With those ol'
PMS Blues. PMS Blues
I don't wanna talk about it
We both could do without it
I got those
Treat your kids bad
Don't you talk back
Gone ballistic
Awful, lowdown
Bitch to be around
PMS Blues
Oh, what are you looking at

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