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Letra de canción de She's Her Own Woman de Brad Paisley lyrics

I called to say - I'm working late tonight
to cancel our dinner date
but she just said - That's alright
and just like that she makes some other plans
saw a movie with a couple friends
had herself a ball
oh cause afterall

she's her own woman
without me, she does fine
she's her own woman
wo-ho, but she's mine

I couldn't tell you even if you had a gun to my head
where we keep the tarragon
or even what the hell that is
well I wouldn't last 45 minutes in this house
without her living in it
I'd be lost - yeah - that's for sure
but as for her

she's her own woman
without me, she'd be fine
she's her own woman
wo-ho - she's mine

(instrumental break)

raised up a daddy's girl
went out into the big wide world
has never needed anybody's help
with everything she does for me
ahh! its still a mystery
how i fell in love with her - all by myself

(instrumental break)

she's her own woman
got it going on, that suits me fine
you gonna have to find your own woman
wo-ho, cause she's mine

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