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Letra de canción de The Offering de Insomnium lyrics

On through the burning night
The fever and the fear
Against the gates of death
I pound, I wail, I cry

With broken voice and heart
I demand a bargaining
I offer all I have
This blackened soul of mine

That once was pure, unspoilt
That once was fair

Hear me now
Open up your hinges
Let me enter
Receive my soul

Let me lapse into dusk
Into soothing shadows

Gladly I will step down
Redeem the one I love

On through the scalding nights
The anguish and despair
Against the gates of death
I claw, I wilt, I starve

It would be just and fair
To let this old man fade away
Accept this sacrifice
This doomed soul of mine

It would only be right
To take this soul
My offering
It would only be fair
To let my dearest live
Still walk this earth

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