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Letra de canción de Traveling Man de Dolly Parton lyrics

The Man I Loved Ran a Salesman Route
Selling Goods From House to House
Now I Knew My Mama Would Never Stand
For Me Stepping Out With no Traveling Man
Mama Bought Things That He Was A'selling
But Mama Didn't Know and I Sure Wasn't Telling
That Behind Her Back I Was Making Plans
To Meet Somewhere With That Traveling Man
Oh the Traveling Man Was a Good Bit Older
But a Girl Needs Arms to Hold Her
Mama Didn't Know 'cause I Didn't Told Her
But Mama Wouldn't Understand
Me Stepping Out With a Traveling Man
Mama Didn't Allow Me A'going Courting
And I'd Tell Lies That I Reckon I Oughtn't
Oh But She'd A'give Me the Back A' Her Hand
If She'd A'seen Me With That Traveling Man
So I Tell My Mama That I Reckon I Oughta
Go to the Spring and Fetch Us Some Water
What Mama Didn't Know Is I Had a Plan
To Meet Down There With That Traveling Man
Now I Make Plans to Run Away
With That Traveling Man On a Saturday
Well Saturday's Here and Here I Stand
And There Goes My Mama With That Traveling Man
Oh That Traveling Man Was a Two-time Lover
He Took My Love Then He Took My Mother
But I Didn't Know 'cause Mama Didn't Told Me and I Don't Understand
My Mama Running Off With My Traveling Man
Mama, You Know You Oughtn't A'done That
You Just Like My Daddy
He Run Off Before I Ever Knowed Him
You Done Run-off With My Traveling Man
And I Really Don't Think I Ever Knowed You Either
Oh There Goes My Mama With My Traveling Man
And I'm Really Gonna Miss That Traveling Man

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