Letra de Twilight Trails - Insomnium

Letra de canción de Twilight Trails de Insomnium lyrics

I rue the day
The day I turned the tides
I made a grave mistake
Left from your side

Now I am lost in the shadows' lap
Straying on this downward road
Now I am left in the woods of woe
Roaming these twilight trails

You asked me to stay
But I closed the gate behind me

Bright lights beyond the trees
The gleam above the skyline
In vain I tried to reach
In vain I sought

And too late I comprehend
It was just illusion
I've spent all those years chasing
Something I once had

Long time ago
I cannot find my way home
I cannot find the way to you (anymore)

With a black shroud over my eyes
I don't see the skies or the earth
I don't see if the moon will die
Or the sun turns cold

A deary path that weaves down below
Into the hidden abyss of the evenfall
And here I stand on the darkened shore
Forgotten man at the edge of the world

For what is there left for me anymore
But to languish and slowly fade away
Regret and penance only friends by my side
When I sink into the void of the night

I lapse... (I lapse...)

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